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J-Adam Smith (Featured Guest)

J-Adam Smith known as "The Paranormal Historian" ia a nationally recognized Tour Director, master teacher in the field of paranormal investigation, and investigative sensitive. He can be seen on Travel Channels - "Paranormal Paparazzi", Award Winning Documentary "Historic Hauntings: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House" as seen on PBS, NBC, ABC, and countless other magazines and journals.

Brandon Kreitzer

Brandon Kreitzer "The Paranormal Road Warrior"
* Paranormal Investigator/EVP Specialist (290+ Investigations)
* PAST of Illinois: Founder/Team Lead Jan 2010-Oct 2011
* PAST of Tennessee: Founder Oct 2011-Present
* PAST Family Network: Founder/President (78 Teams/Continental US) Aug 2010-Present
* Phoenix Rising Productions/Talent Agency: Founder/Owner/Agent Aug 2011- Present
* TV Host PAST PTS (Paranormal Talk/Music Show): Sept 2010-Dec 2012
* Founder/Owner of PTVN: PAST TV Network/Cable Box Network July 2011-Dec 2012
* Director of Operations (TV) at True Psychic Network Oct 2011-Dec 2012
* Manteno State Hospital Board Member (Haunted Location) June 2011-March 2013

Brandon has put in over 300+ investigations with not only both PAST of IL & TN but also as a independent investigator since 2009 to present day. With all these investigations under his belt it has made him a very experienced & respected investigator in the Paranormal Field.

 Amy Farley

Amy is the co-host of "Voices Carry" radio show on the Paranormal King Radio Network and the Assistant Director of Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta.

Amy became interested in the paranormal at a very early age due to being frequently woken up at night by an unseen entity and objects moving on their own. Throughout her life she feels that this unexplained phenomenon has followed her to several of the homes she has lived in. After moving to Marietta she began to experience activity in her home again. While being unsure if this was something she had brought with her or something new due to the history of the area, she began to research and look for answers. She wanted to understand what was going on in her home and why. Amy finally found Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta where she was welcomed with open arms. Amy has worked her way up in SPIA and is now the Assistant Director. Her hope is to help others who are experiencing things they cannot explain and perhaps to bring them some comfort that they are not alone.

Zana Lowe

Zana is the Case Manager & Lead Investigator with SPIA (Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta). During her tenure as a Trauma Nurse, she saw and experienced "things" with patients passing that made her wonder what else is going on with the human body from not only a scientific background but also of spiritual significance.
East Tennessee Ghostbusters

East Tennessee Ghostbusters.. Bringing together Fans from all over the World sharing the love for Ghostbuster Cosplay!

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